First-Person Podcast Simulator: Episode 24

Heya, folks!

Since there’s really no game news this time of the year, this episode mostly consists of me and Mike gabbing about what games we’ve been playing lately.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

First-Person Podcast Simulator: Episode 23

Hey everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

This week we run through the regular sort of thing with our games we’ve been playing recently, as well as a bit of game industry news.

We end with some of our fondest memories of Christmases past as well as the games we’ve spent the most time on during previous Winter Breaks.

Enjoy! And thanks for listening!

For everyone who is a fan of all those creepy crawly feelings inching up your spine!

Seriously though, this one gets kinda scary.

But I find a ham at the end!

First-Person Podcast Simulator: Episode 21

Hey everyone! Been a hot minute since we put out a podcast, but we’re bringing it back for the spookiest day of the year (WOoOoOoOoO).

We talk about the usual junk like our lives and what video games we’ve playing, but also stuff about a new Kickstarter called Night in The Woods, and how we OH SO BADLY want Pokemon X and Y.

Hey all!

In the spooky spirit of Halloween, Zac has started playing Lone Survivor for your enjoyment!

(Yeah, we definitely plan these things…totally cuz of Halloween)

Anyway, it’ll hopefully freak him out as much as it did me. And you’ll get to watch!

Watch this cool video of Mike playing an early version of Delver’s Drop!

First-Person Podcast Simulator: Episode 20

Heya! This week we talk about a whole slew of things all the way from Mike downloading a Wind Waker ROM, to the fact that Nintendo at one point had ideas for creepy love hotels, HOW WEIRD!

We also talk about what games we’ve been playing, and talk a bunch about Steam’s recent announcements about taking over everyone’s living rooms.

Thanks for listening!

First-Person Podcast Simulator: Episode 19


We discuss why in the heck we were gone for so long, some life stuff, and even video games! We’re glad to be putting out podcasts again. Feels great.